Offshore Marine Security: Enabling our clients to secure assets, build capacity and protect communities. Our business is your security.

Offshore Marine Security

Offshore Marine Security provide high quality security & training solutions across the maritime industry delivering an unrivalled professional service.

At Offshore Marine Security we understand the need to reduce the overall cost of maritime security and we believe our approach which is the provision of multinational vessel protection teams is the key credible alternative to current maritime security measures.

Our clients benefit from the extensive experience and capability of our personnel. Our institutional expertise is garnered through staff with successful careers in the military, intelligence services and commercial sector.

We employ only the most experienced and skilled instructors to train our vessel protection teams and to deliver our training programmes in order to produce only the best for our clients.



At Offshore Marine Security, we are proud of past achievements in enabling clients to build and secure their own futures. Our business is your security – that’s why our clients trust Offshore Marine Security.

Offshore Marine Security Ltd is a UK based maritime security and training company providing effective maritime security solutions.

Offshore Marine Security’s main aim is to deliver unrivalled maritime security & training services, providing high quality, cost-effective, flexible and professional security solutions, modelled to our client’s needs in this ever changing market.

With our global network, international operational locations, specialist staff and operations department Offshore Marine Security can provide a bespoke service to our clients’ needs to facilitate their operations safely and with peace of mind.